Top X Things to Consider When Choosing Plants for your Garden

Often times we get plants on impulse then discover there is nowhere in the garden that really suits them. Prior to buying plants you need to thoroughly examine your garden. You need to know how sunny the spot is, whether it has good drainage, and if it is protected from the wind. Once you know these things, you are ready to go shopping for your plants.

Yet wait! Before spending any money, test the pH level of your soil so you will know if you need to add any nutrients to it. Is the soil alkaline or acidic? Though slightly acidic soil is preferred by most plants, there are some that prefer alkaline soil. It’s much easier to plant for the soil you have rather then modifying the pH level to fit the plants.


Currently you are ready to plant. Well – practically. Will you plant in groups or singly? If you get a huge variety of plants, your garden could seem really spotty. Group plantings are arranged, harmonious and can vary the color for interest.Before planting out, place your chosen plants around the yard bed in their pots to see just how they will certainly look. Re-arrange them up until you are pleased. Grouping plants in sets of threes or fives typically looks far better than planting in groups of even numbers. Be sure that you have a fascinating combo of colors and also textures of plants. High plants must go to the back, or the center if your garden will be seen similarly from all sides. Aim to maintain your plants far from trees. The trees roots are increasingly competitive and will certainly take all the nutrients and wetness implied for your flowers.

The appropriate color pattern is one method to maintain the consistency in your yard. Think of the color of the flowers when they are in blossom. Some shades might encounter others, yet can still be planted side-by-side if they have a various flowering period. Vegetation color is also important. Numerous blossoming plants have silver, grey or purple vegetation that is just as appealing as the flower. This suggests that they are still eye-catching well past the flowering season therefore have actually added worth.

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